The founders of Tablero came to us with an exciting concept – to create a luxe decor business selling MDF wall panelling kits online. Convenience is key and we were wowed by their products and passion for wall panelling. Buying these kits online is an absolute game-changer and we were itching to get involved with this start-up. Tablero was the perfect opportunity to flex our design and UI muscles.

“From our first meeting with Renaud we knew that Geek Unique was the right agency for our business. They listened to our concept and instantly described the website aesthetic we were looking for.” Sarah – CEO at Tablero 

With Tablero we started from scratch. Our task was to build a completely bespoke website with an elegant and fashion-forward aesthetic that provided a seamless user experience for the customer. 

The package we compiled for Tablero included the following services: Website & Mobile Build, UI & UX Design, SEO and Copywriting.

Website Build 

The Tablero team outlined from the very beginning that the site was going to have a lot of content, with this in mind we knew that WordPress would be the best platform for them. Allowing the marketing team at Tablero to effortlessly upload blogs, galleries and video was a must. With an abundance of useful plug-ins and integrations, WordPress is the complete package for any business.  


Our design concept was to create an uncluttered layout. We really wanted to let the images do the talking – completely uninterrupted. The team at Tablero had an idea of the colour scheme they wanted to use throughout the website, we worked together to find tones and shades that complemented their chosen palette and interlaced them via visual and interactive elements. We really wanted the UI design to reflect the material used in the wall panelling kits – MDF. The images reflected in the user interface design elements have square formatting to mimic the strong straight lines of the product whilst the cool shades of camel brown mimic the tone. 


One of the most crucial elements in the UX Design process was the development of the wall panelling calculator. We created this clever tool to allow users to work out the number of wall panels they needed based on the size of their wall and the style they had chosen. By integrating this tool into the website, users were able to quantify what they needed without having to do all the calculations themselves – which seriously streamlined the checkout process. In a nutshell, we carefully curated the user experience to increase conversions. 

“We are over the moon with our wall panelling calculator! Goodbye messy pieces of paper with measurements scrawled all over them – Hello! Super simple online process. This calculator has really boosted our organic traffic, and not one of our competitors has this feature.” Tablero


Thankfully our professional copywriters also moonlight as amateur DIY’ers. They were thrilled to be involved in producing the written work for the Tablero website including landing pages, informative blogs and helpful installation guides.

“The copy the Geek Unique team provided was spot on, it covered every possible concern and query that a potential customer might have, plus they were a pleasure to read.”  Tablero


We had an arsenal of high-quality content at our disposal and with our SEO strategy in place – Tablero rose quickly through the ranks. We bolstered this strategy with a big helping of backlinks and hawk-like focus on the relevant keywords. 

To summarise we worked with the lovely folks at Tablero to build a completely bespoke website from scratch, we composed an abundance of media rich high-value content and rolled out a highly successful SEO strategy. If you’re looking for a similar package, get in touch with us today.