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We were delighted to work with the wonderful team at Quality Packaging Services (QPS) on this project. As digital product experts we thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to showcase our capabilities when it comes to digital tools, apps and software packages.

QPS came to us with a quandary, they required a digital product calculator that would communicate their clients requirements to them and simultaneously show their clients the pricing of the required product.

Now, packaging requirements come in all shapes and sizes, with pricing that varies wildly across the board. QPS provides packaging solutions to an array of different businesses, from art dealers, classic car collectors, vehicle manufacturers all the way through to defense contractors. As you can imagine there are thousands of different requirements for the products they provide, with unique dimensions to consider.

Ultimately, QPS needed a piece of software that could calculate the packaging cost for the client in real time – thus allowing the client to assess whether the pricing fitted their budget.

Pricing for packaging seems simple right? But when you consider the different materials, sizes, production fees, regulations and other variables involved with packaging production – it’s quite a big challenge. Thankfully, our prior experience providing digital products to clients within the manufacturing sector allowed us to offer QPS a completely bespoke software package.

At Geek Unique we focus very much on  collaborating with our clients to ensure no stone is left unturned and that ultimately we deliver the perfect solution to our clients quandaries. Sarah, the owner of QPS kindly worked with us to give us an in-depth understanding of how QPS operates, the many forms of packaging they offer and the broad spectrum of sectors they supply.

This information was absolutely crucial for the build and development process and enabled us to provide QPS with a digital product that offered better functionality than the versions used by their competitors, combined with a design interface that ensured the user journey was not only seamless but effortless. Most importantly this clever calculator provided Sarah with more free time to focus on other areas of the business, instead of having to spend valuable time compiling quotes for her clients.