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We were absolutely thrilled to be chosen to work with Dunkin’ on this huge project. Dunkin’ was previously operating as Dunkin’ Donuts with several franchises throughout the UK. They recently decided to change course and take back control as a master franchisee with a national team running all the stores under the rebrand Dunkin’. This was the very first global brand to relaunch under the new name. 

Dunkin’ required a complete redesign of their website to encompass the new design and feel. Some agencies would shy away from updating the elements of such a well-known brand, but here at Geek Unique we were up to the challenge and couldn’t wait to get underway.

We always enjoy getting on board with a new team and Dunkin’ was no exception. When you work with a global brand there are many stakeholders involved, all of whom need to approve and sign off on the project – which can be a lengthy process, luckily as a satellite team we offer flexibility with our clients to allow for longer timeframes.

A seamless online strategy is vital to any successful business. We put our heads together and developed a completely bespoke digital strategy for Dunkin’ and formulated a new audience in line with the new direction the brand had chosen. We ran promotional take-overs and subsequently grew the server in line with the ever growing fan base. 

One of the main challenges for us was to create a new design that worked with the newly adopted brand guidelines. We developed a striking new website with bold colours in line with the brand theme coupled with a strong visual layout to showcase the delicious delights Dunkin’ are renowned for. The result? A website that is undeniably Dunkin’ with a contemporary twist. 

Our journey with Dunkin’ is far from over, we have 3 new e-Commerce platforms in development, extranet, CRM marketing and mobile apps to look forward to.