WordPress Web Development Southampton, Hampshire

At Geek Unique we work with a wide range of businesses, from small local Southampton based firms to big brands that dominate global markets. We at Geek Unique might be micro but our work is certainly mighty. What’s our secret? Our team. Years upon years of experience in web development and our not so secret weapon: WordPress.

People are often intrigued when we mention using Wordpress for business website design. Many associate Wordpress with lifestyle blogs, but it’s capable of so much more than journaling someone's blossoming Yoga journey or new found fascination with succulents. 

We develop websites on WordPress for a plethora of reasons, after all it’s the best CMS platform (content management system) on the market. Here at Geek Unique we are purveyors of all things tech and as such we only want to work with the best software and systems to maximise the potential of our clients websites. With our many years of experience with CMS platforms, we’ve seen them come and go, but WordPress is firmly in a league of its own with what it has to offer. Let’s delve a little deeper into the wonderful world of WordPress. 

What is a CMS Platform? 

To understand why WordPress is far superior than other CMS platforms out there, it helps to know what a Content Management System platform actually does. At a glance, a CMS is a really clever bit of software which enables the user to easily design and create a website and manage its content. 

CMS platforms allow you to build a website without having to spend a few years learning programming languages such as HTML and JavaScript: people are often unaware of how much coding goes into a website. Having coded and programmed hundreds of them - we can tell you it’s a lot. CMS platforms circumvent this by enabling you to build a website without having to write code or learn programming. However, we aren’t just the leading wordpress developers in Southampton, Hampshire, we’re also the leading website developers  - if there is a requirement to code or programme your website, we can do that too. Nothing is too complex for our unique team of self proclaimed geeks.

Why is Wordpress the best CMS Platform?

The main reason that Wordpress has become so popular is its usability - it’s so easy to navigate and it’s versatile enough to complement any type of business. This smart piece of software is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world. WordPress powers around 40% of all websites on the internet! And according to a recent Geek Unique survey our team of WordPress developers built at least 40% of all websites in Southampton. But enough about our triumphs, back to WordPress. 

WordPress is ranked as the world’s most popular CMS platform - when you consider the sheer number of CMS platforms on the market today - that’s no mean feat. We use WordPress because it offers so much more than any other CMS platform out there, it’s unparalleled with it’s clever combination of technical and creative functionalities. 

What Can WordPress Offer?


With your business website we imagine you’ll want access to the back-end, and if you’re a complete technophobe - don’t worry you can leave all of that techy stuff to us. 

With a WordPress website you will have complete control of your website - you’ll be able to login and make any amendments you wish without having to sit on hold with a technical team for 2 years - that’s an approximate figure. You can also access your website from any device at any time - mobile, ipad, laptop etc.

One of the key reasons we use custom WordPress development is due to how easy it is to navigate. Clients can sometimes be intimidated by the thought of having a custom built website, they automatically worry that they won’t have the power to change and update things as they please. Your website needs to work for you, not against you - using a CMS like WordPress will allow you to create and edit content with minimal fuss. You won’t need to be a leading expert in HTML to make tweaks to your new WordPress website - it’s easy peasy and if you get stuck at any point - we’ll happily show you around or make amendments on your behalf. 

Branding & Design

If you’re already a relatively established local business, with your branding firmly in place - we can curate your website to match. One of our favourite add-on features with WordPress is the abundance of website themes to choose from. However, if you want to start from scratch with your branding or if you feel that it simply needs a bit of a makeover, we can work alongside you and help you fully develop your brand.

Like the idea of a clean and simple website design? We can replicate it. Maybe you want something fashionable and punchy? Not a problem. You may want your website to look awful - we’re sorry we can’t help you there. 

The WordPress theme library is constantly growing and evolving, allowing us to meet the design needs of every client - no matter how specific. The beauty of these themes is that they are super responsive across all devices and they’re fast - why have a beautiful website if the customer has left before it loads?

Our team of creative WordPress designers work tirelessly to design not just an aesthetically pleasing website but a website that will engage your audience and make your competitors so envious they’ll weep for at least one month. We fuse contemporary design with state of the art development to create business websites that quite frankly are second to none. Which is why we’re entrusted by local businesses and big brands to bring their concepts to life. 

User Experience

Unfortunately this is a facet of website design that is often overlooked - a costly mistake. 

It’s imperative that your customer has the best possible user experience when it comes to visiting your website. First impressions are important and one bad experience can lose you a customer for life. 

When it comes to the user experience, we do all of the research for you - we analyse customer behaviour and build your website around it. It’s completely tailored to your target audience. We look at the user journey and take into consideration elements such as the most popular landing pages, the pages driving your customers away and how we can tweak or transform those pages to work in your favour. 

When you’re used to seeing your business website everyday, navigating the pages becomes second nature. This can make it difficult for a business to identify areas which need improving - a fresh set of eyes can pinpoint problem pages or poor navigation which may have otherwise gone unnoticed. WordPress websites boast lots of technical functionalities which can be used to provide your audience with the best possible user experience. By combining this with our research we can optimise your website to meet your potential customers needs - clever right?


WordPress is one of the best Content Management Systems for a business due to its adaptability and the abundance of add-on features available. With a WordPress website you have thousands of WordPress themes and plugins at your fingertips and that’s no exaggeration. 

WordPress enables the integration of lots of helpful features on your website such as booking forms, live chat, social media sharing buttons and so much more. You have the freedom to build any type of website you want, you can create forums, ecommerce stores, members only sites - the options really are endless. Which is fantastic when you work with a broad spectrum of businesses like we do. We work with local Southampton businesses to develop websites in a variety of sectors from Hospitality to Recycling, E-commerce to leisure - our website development isn’t restricted to a singular sector. 

This clever CMS platform also offers multilingual functionality, this is super helpful for us as although we are WordPress developers in Southampton we also work with businesses all over the world - having the capacity to provide multilingual functionality is a big bonus and if your website spans the globe it’s imperative that every page can be translated to your audiences language. 

Scalability is key for all businesses and ensuring your business website can grow with you is really important - which is precisely what WordPress does. The unique extensions and add-ons that WordPress offer allow us to build bespoke business websites tailored to your strategies and end-goals. We never work in a one-size-fits-all manner, we want your website to reach its full potential and we will examine all of the avenues we can explore to achieve this with you. 

SEO Friendly

Nowadays, the most crucial element to a successful business website is ensuring that it’s SEO friendly. One of our favourite things about WordPress - search engines absolutely love it, why? WordPress code doesn’t have excessive amounts of HTML, the coding is quite simple - as coding goes. As a result of this, search engines find it easier to index the pages. Happy search engines = improved ranking. 

WordPress goes above and beyond to accommodate all of the clever tricks you can employ to get your business website ranking. You can apply your titles, meta descriptions, post tags, categories and SEO-friendly URLs with ease - plus there are a ton of SEO plugins to give your business a helping hand. Our WordPress websites are designed with SEO in mind - after all there’s not much point in having a state of the art website if no one is visiting it. We will optimise every inch of your website to ensure it’s responsive on all browsers and devices and most importantly reaching the right audience.


Content, where would we be without content? A very dull place we imagine. Content engages your audience, it provides insight and plays a huge role in the customer journey. WordPress was originally developed as a blogging platform, blog posts began connecting strangers from all over the globe sharing their hopes,dreams, interests and somewhat annoyingly their opinions. This original concept is still integrated today, WordPress websites come with a built-in blog as standard. Allowing you to share all manner of content with your existing customers, and also attract new clients. Great content is the beating heart of a successful SEO strategy - we should know our expert copywriters specialise in producing content that can make even the most technical topic - titillating. 


It’s common knowledge that websites need to be kept updated and maintained. With all of the fancy plugins WordPress offers - updates are super important. But don’t stress, we will handle this all for you and keep your business website running as smoothly as possible. Leaving you to focus on the more important things, like all the new leads from your fancy new website. 

No Constraints

The beautiful thing about WordPress is that should you ever wish to move to a different system - you can. It allows you to easily export your data to be placed elsewhere, you can download all of your content in XML format. Even though we’re pretty confident that you wouldn’t want to move systems after experiencing the ease of a WordPress website and our unparalleled service, it’s still reassuring to know that you can if you need to.

Why Should I Use Geek Unique To Develop My WordPress Website?

Because creating the business website of your dreams, a website that ticks all the technical boxes and showcases your business to the masses, takes expertise. We have over 20 years of experience in website builds and development so we know a thing or two about crafting beautiful bespoke business websites. Our web designer Southampton team and our satellite team will work with you to understand your goals and make them a reality. We can work with you on every step of the project from conception through to design, development and implementation. We even offer additional services such as copywriting, photography, animation, marketing and a whole host of other extras which you may find intriguing. 

We are the best WordPress Developers in Southampton, let us show you why. 

If you’re not happy with your current website or perhaps you feel it needs a little TLC - why not embark on a journey towards a better business website today?