Website & Mobile Build Southampton, Hampshire

We like to think of ourselves as digital architects. From orchestrating the blueprints all the way through to completion - we are with you every step of the way. Making tweaks and alterations to suit your requirements as we go. Much like building a monumental structure, building a website is a journey - it presents challenges and requires a custom approach every time. Are we comparing our custom built websites to architectural feats like the Burj Khalifa? Yes we are. We’re confident in our expertise, team and development process. After all, we’re the number one web design agency in Southampton.

Web design doesn’t have to cost the earth when you have an expert website design agency on hand. Despite being a local web design agency in Southampton, Hampshire we also help an abundance of businesses throughout the UK and abroad with their web design requirements via our satellite team. Don’t worry they aren’t floating around in space, well not physically. We have a network of experts spanning both Europe and Asia - why? Well our highly skilled specialist developers and platform experts offer services which in the UK are typically out of reach financially. 

At Geek Unique we don’t see borders or distance as obstacles. We set ourselves the almighty challenge of building the very best team of experts in website design regardless of location - and we’ve achieved just that. Despite the distance between us we have all met in person and regularly catch-up when we’re in the area (usually Southampton). Because we are a close knit albeit satellite team, we take the risk out of offshoring - allowing you to work with trusted specialists without breaking the bank. We can partner you with developers for one off projects, social media business development and much more. The benefit of a satellite team with a plethora of unique skill sets? We can help a broad range of businesses maximise their online potential. We work with small local Southampton businesses all the way up to multinational brands - because even the biggest brands need a helping hand. 

Understanding The User Experience 

First impressions are important, how often do we recount bad experiences over good ones? Typically the very first experience your clients will have with your brand will be on your website. There are a multitude of factors that can cause your customer to have a not so great experience, things like slow pages, poor navigation, bad copy or simply an outdated design. These are all things we can assist you with,  whether you’re looking for someone to upgrade, troubleshoot, redesign or completely rebuild your website, our web design agency in Southampton can help. 

We will analyse your website and look for opportunities to improve it. We’ll assess metrics like website technical performance, search and visitor activation or engagement and on-site content. By studying this data and discussing your end goal as a business, we can work with you to provide opportunities for growth and maximising new business leads. 

Understanding your audience is key, knowing their wants, needs, emotions, behaviours and interactions will help us tailor your website to satisfy their requirements and ultimately deliver the desired outcome be it more sales, conversions or enquiries. 

Bespoke Website Builds

If you’re looking for a website design Southampton, Hampshire agency to help you build a bespoke website for your business - you’re in the right place. Our packages are crafted for your business requirements, we don’t offer a one size fits all package. You may only need to upgrade some of the areas of your website, or perhaps you are looking for a completely custom website build - both of these examples require different approaches and it wouldn’t make sense to bill you for a custom build when you only need a few tweaks to your existing site. We’re an honest bunch here at Geek Unique and we want to work with your budget, not break it. 

Pay Monthly Website Services

If you are searching for the best web designers in the Southampton area - we can of course help. Our services are completely tailored to your budget.  Which is why we offer a pay monthly subscription service for our websites - which we feel is a cost effective alternative for local businesses. Spreading the cost removes the burden of shelling out for the entire project in one payment, which can be difficult if you have other overheads to focus on. Paying for your website on a monthly basis allows you to add on other features such as SEO, the organic traffic generated by this service will begin to generate new leads and before you know it - your website will be paying for itself. 

What Does A Website By Geek Unique Include?

Well other than working with a team of humble web design geniuses, we offer a multitude of helpful and important features. We will host your website for you on our secure super fast servers to ensure your website runs as smoothly as an olympian athlete - greatly reducing potential downtime. 

When visiting your website your customers want the reassurance that your site is safe and secure, how can we achieve this? We’ll install an SSL certificate on your domain - you know, the padlock in the address bar which provides peace of mind. 

Ensuring that your customers know your location is critical, after all they need to be able to find you right? Unless you're a top secret agency that doesn’t want to be found. Embedding a Google map of your business with the verified location is a great way of telling your clients ‘Hey, we’re in Southampton too’ - we can include this information on your website. 

If your local business has social media channels, we can build these feeds into your site which will help increase your following and result in more brand awareness. 

Ultimately the end goal for your website is to create new business - we can optimise your site to improve customer acquisition through techniques such as clickable phone numbers and contact forms. 

We use WordPress to build our bespoke websites, why do we use WordPress? Because it’s the best content management system on the market. But to be the best it requires a bit of maintenance now and again, system and plugin updates to be more specific, these will ensure your website has the latest security updates and features. Website maintenance is included with our service at Geek Unique. If you’re curious as to why we use Wordpress - we’ve outlined all of the amazing features here. - link to WordPress page - 

Our website designs quite frankly speak for themselves, both aesthetically and technically. We have worked with hundreds of local businesses and national brands and firmly established ourselves as the leading web design agency in Southampton. If you like the sound of what we have to offer, get in touch with us and embark on a journey to achieve your business goals.