Data is the lifeblood of any business. In a digital world where everything is measured, analysing the data your business collects can be a daunting prospect. With so much data to deal with, collating insightful reports is a hefty manual task. A task that we have the leading solutions for. 

What Is Data Reporting?

Data reporting measures the progress of every facet of your business. It’s like profit and loss but for your online activities – with a bit more detail, or a lot more depending on your preferences. Data reporting tells you exactly where you need to spend more time and resources, whilst highlighting areas of improvement or decline. It does the leg work for you, leaving you to make the decisions on where you want to focus your efforts.

Essentially it’s an evaluation tool which can be used to assess your past, present and future performance. Data reporting permeates every aspect of our lives, even football clubs use it to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. By utilising data reporting, football clubs gain insights into improving player performance, preventing injuries and to manager player fitness. Plus loads of other interesting applications, but we’re not here to talk football. 

Data-driven insights are crucial whether you’re a small local business, a national brand or a football club. In fact these insights are really helpful for small businesses too, as they typically have the ability to act quicker with the data findings and adapt to better serve them. For instance, if you run a local bakery in Southampton, and you notice that there’s been an uplift on your website for the search term ‘multipack sausage rolls Southampton’ – you may want to take the hint and start producing multipacks – which would be considerably easier for you to do as a small business than it would be for a huge corporation. 

To really benefit from data and analytics, you need a better understanding of how to derive the most value from your data. One of the key services we provide businesses with is reporting. This is split into two core services – custom built reporting suites and reporting services. 

Custom Built Reporting Suites

Every business generates data, if you have a website, social media pages and or accept electronic payments – you are essentially collecting data about your customers but don’t panic – it’s perfectly legal. What kind of data is your business collecting? Useful data – such as user behaviour, website traffic, demographics and more. 

There are many influences that impact business decisions be it social, economic or political, but nothing is quite as persuasive as hard data. This data has unlimited potential, if you can collate and analyse it effectively. 

We specialise in developing unrivalled business reporting suites, providing our clients with clear and accurate data so they can analyse all of their data in one place with ease. Having your online business data in one place removes the hassle of pulling it from multiple sources – it enables you to make informed decisions without having to manually scour through heaps of statistics. Why not swap scouring through heaps of statistics for having heaps more time? More time to focus on other areas of your business – or try something exciting like horse-riding. You’ll be surprised by the hours you’ll save by switching to a more efficient process for reporting. 

We work with our clients to understand the data sets that are most valuable to their business. From these insights we can develop and build a completely bespoke reporting suite. Our comprehensive reporting suites enable our clients to run detailed reports on past data and assist with forecasting – allowing them to accurately plan future strategies. 

By ensuring your reports are easily accessible with key insights and trends displayed clearly – you are able to make smarter decisions about your business quickly. Harnessing the power of your business data provides some pretty impressive advantages. You can improve how you find new customers, increase customer retention and customer service, manage your marketing efforts more efficiently, track social media interactions effectively and predict sales trends – it literally does everything. In short, data helps business owners make better decisions about where their business is headed. 

One of the best things about data is it can also be used for problem solving! Well it won’t help you with Sudoku but it will help you pinpoint where you went wrong in online business terms. 

Performance breakdowns provide a better understanding of each segment of the process and show where improvements can be made. By analysing performance you can assess how each part of your company is performing, does your marketing team need a bigger budget? Is your website getting enough traffic? Is Janet in HR cheating at Sudoku? All of these factors can be identified via our reporting suite, ok the last one not so much.

Using data to gain a better understanding of your online business processes helps you to reduce wasted money and time. As a business, keeping on top of your spending is so important and it’s necessary to identify and eradicate wastage where possible. Perhaps your marketing team spends most of their time manually pulling data from various sources to provide a single report? When their time could be better spent on creative thinking and strategy. This is one of the many ways a reporting suite can enhance your business processes. 

Without customers where would we be? If we told you we can build you a clever tool to understand customers better and optimise your online presence to build better relationships and ultimately gain more custom  – we’re pretty confident you would be interested. This is effectively what a reporting suite offers you. Valuable insights into your customers, what they think of your products or if your marketing efforts are working. Understanding this data is vital to your relationship with your audience. 

When it comes to analysing data it’s super easy to get lost in it all, more so if you don’t have the right tools to interpret it. The bespoke custom reporting suites we build for our clients provide them with the best possible solution for accessing and interpreting their online business data, allowing them to streamline their efforts, leverage higher sales and achieve a better ROI. Nobody wants to look at a reporting suite that resembles a stock exchange or the end credits of the Matrix. Which is precisely why we put a lot of effort into making the data accessible, so our clients can take a glance and get the full picture. 

If our custom reporting suites have piqued your interest, mozy on over to our case studies and explore our client testimonials to see how the reporting suites we’ve developed have transformed how they analyse their data. 

Reporting Services

If you feel that your business isn’t at the stage where it would benefit from a custom reporting suite, we have another solution – our monthly reporting services. We can provide you with reports for all of the online aspects of your business. We offer monthly reporting on your marketing efforts, SEO and PPC campaigns, user behaviour, website traffic and much more. Our monthly reports will give you a detailed overview of how your business is fairing online, we can then work with you to make improvements and optimise your strategies further. Basically we do the leg work and deliver the results to you every month, because we’re complete whizzes when it comes to reporting – due to our fancy custom built reporting suite. 

Why are online business reports so important? Well they provide useful insights on marketing efforts, ad campaigns, SEO performance and much more. The data provided can be used to create future forecasts, develop stronger marketing plans and improve decision making. 

When it comes to your digital marketing, reporting is everything. By providing you with detailed, custom reports that cover the important online facets of your business website, you’ll gain a better understanding of your online presence and your target audience. Because if you don’t take data into consideration, it’s just guess work – which isn’t the most reliable method in our opinion. 

Our reporting services package will be completely tailored to your requirements – what you want to focus on, things you’d like work on and ultimately what you want to measure. 

We cover a broad scope of data and compile it into a detailed monthly report with recommendations to boot (if necessary). You will receive valuable insights into your website traffic and your online revenue – segmented by marketing channel. Our reports also include organic search traffic, PPC and your social media pages. 

If you’d like more in-depth reporting we can supply you with monthly reports which include additional data sets, and detailed ROI data. These reports cover more specific reporting on revenue and traffic per marketing channel – these are really helpful if you’re thinking about reshuffling your budget or creating a completely new strategy. 

At Geek Unique we work with our clients to help them achieve their online business goals. In addition to our reporting services, we will establish monthly goals with you to measure how your online activities are performing. 

The reports we generate are totally bespoke to your business. If you need us to focus on more complex sets of data, or to present the data to you in different formats – we can. 

In this day and age in order to thrive, your business decisions need to be data led otherwise how can you lead your business in the right direction?

If you’d like to take the stress out of inhouse reporting, why not outsource it to us? We will listen to your needs and requirements and provide you with the best possible reporting solution for your business.