Bringing Your Digital Product To Life

At Geek Unique we pride ourselves on being the leading agency when it comes to helping businesses design and develop the ultimate digital experience. We work with businesses large and small to deliver extraordinary user-centric apps and digital products. 

Our cohesive team of first-class talent allows us to work from start to finish on your digital product design journey. Whether you’re a small business in Southampton or a national brand we can help you with your digital product – be it an app, website or software tool. The options are endless.

Product Design – What We Do

Firstly, let’s take a look at what a product designer does. The term is often used interchangeably with UX design and although the roles are similar, product design encompasses many disciplines – one of which is UX design. Bamboozled yet? 

Our product design team are a flexible bunch, they aren’t the next Cirque du Soleil but their skill sets are still pretty impressive. Our product designers are skilled in UX, UI, coding, project management and of course – problem solving. In essence, product designers create solutions for problems that may occur during the initial design process.

Not only do they create solutions, they produce multiple test plans, wireframes and endure countless rounds of A/B testing. We appreciate these are technical terms, here’s what they mean:

What’s A Wireframe?

Think of a wireframe as a mockup or blueprint, it’s a design of the structure of the digital product or website that we’re building. It’s the draft version of the interface structure, this is the initial step before any code is written and before the overall visual design is completed. Starting with a wireframe instead of jumping straight into the build saves a lot of time and potential adjustments later on down the line. Think of it like building a house, an architect wouldn’t just provide you with a lovely drawing of your new home and if they did you should probably find a new architect. You’d want to see the blueprints to ensure everything is just how you want it and make any changes to the layout before the build begins. Digital product design requires the same principles. Starting with a wireframe allows us to focus on the structure without other distractions such as visual design. It gives us something to work with and encourages discussion, our clients can provide us with feedback and we can make quick alterations to adjust the structure to their requirements. 

What’s A/B Testing All About?

A/B Testing – the A refers to the word ‘control’ or the original digital product that’s being tested and the letter B refers to ‘variation’ or the new version of the digital product. A/B testing involves randomised experiments with two or more versions of a digital product, they are shown to different users at the same time to test which version has the maximum impact and usability. We carry out A/B testing to ensure that we can make data led decisions about the user experience and overall design of the product. We also utilise the data collected to understand the user behaviour, engagement, pain points and the performance of specific website features better. 

On top of wireframes and A/B testing our product design team also supports the developers through the launch process, whilst working closely with marketing teams to secure synergy between the product and the brand. As you can imagine our product designers are a super busy bunch but they are more than up to the challenge and deliver a world-class service time after time. 

What is UX Design?

A UX designer is responsible for the feel of a product or website – their job is to focus on the user’s underlying emotional and functional needs. They use this data to create an enjoyable experience for the user. Which does sound a bit manipulative but we like to think of it as persuasive.  

The Difference Between Product and UX Design

Product and UX design requires a human-centric approach, there are lots of similarities between the two. Both require the design to be focused on the thinking process of the user and each involve a significant amount of market research. But what’s the difference? The priority in UX design is usability, whereas product design focuses on the process, cost, business and the brand. 

UX designers identify problems and product designers find solutions. Both of these design elements are really important when it comes to designing and developing a digital product, despite how they often overlap. 

UI Design

Oh, and there’s also UI Design, just to make things a bit more complicated. UI stands for user interface. UI design focuses on the overall design and interactive elements of a website and or product – basically UI covers the visual aspect. Not to be confused with UX design which is concentrated on the user experience. We know, it’s very confusing. 

When it comes to building an outstanding website or digital product – UI design is super important. The UI design process focuses on the user interface and ensuring it’s as intuitive as possible. Our UI designers will concentrate on typography, icons, buttons, colour schemes, responsive design, imagery and animations. The end goal for our UI team is to develop an intuitive user experience which doesn’t require the user to think too much – that sounds bad but stay with us. Our team will create an interface that visually guides the user through your website or digital product with ease. UI design brings your digital product to life, they consider all of the possible visual aspects of the user’s journey, including the different touchpoints the user will encounter such as scrolling down the page or browsing through an image gallery. 

How do UI and UX complement each other? If you’re looking to have an app developed, our UI team would work on the navigation, the font, the smooth transitions and animations, whereas the UX team would concentrate on the user experience and how they feel when they use your app. 

Our Product Design Team

With the heaps of knowledge and experience our product design team possesses – you can probably tell that they’ve been around for a long time, well since before UX was even a thing. In that time the online world has changed considerably, but still we see digital products and websites with little to no consideration for the end user. But that isn’t the Geek Unique way. 

Our incredible team of experienced UX, UI and product designers will collaborate to develop a website and or digital product that not only provides an enjoyable user experience but most importantly a seamless one, ensuring they’ll come back time and time again. 

Our Digital Product Design Agency

Whether you’re looking to bring an idea to life or tweak an existing product, we specialise in product design and all of the accompanying elements. 

We cover every aspect of the product design process, ranging from research and design to user testing and the launch. We’ll even hang around afterwards, should you want to make any tweaks or scale up. Geek Unique has everything it takes to help you bring your digital product to life. With the digital landscape evolving so quickly, we’ll ensure you don’t get left behind.