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How do you quickly grab a customer’s attention in a busy digital environment? In an online world where nobody really reads anymore and there are millions of distractions competing for your potential customers’ attention – how do you stand out as a business? Commercial photography of course. 

What Is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography is a style of photography used to sell or promote a product or service, alternatively it can also be used to support a business by showcasing the brand via marketing materials, content, events and more. Commercial photography adds servious value to your online business. By utilising the visual medium to capture your products, services and your brand and ultimately making it more memorable.  

As we’re all aware, first impressions are seriously important. For an online business there’s a lot riding on the customers first impression of your brand. You only have a second or two to grab their attention, how can that be achieved? Imagine you’re in your customers shoes, you’ve been searching through websites trying to figure out which brand you want to use. What will grab their attention? How can you stand out from the online crowd? What makes you different from your competitors? It all comes down to a positive emotional response, using a professional commercial photography service that focuses on highlighting the emotional core of your product or service will deliver a response that really resonates with your potential customer. Why does it work? Because it’s personal and speaks directly to your audience, it stands out because it’s such a rare occurrence these days. We have a truly talented commercial photography team who specialise in creating cool and  captivating content for our clients.

How Great Commercial Photography Can Boost Your Brand

A picture speaks a thousand words, well not according to our copywriters but in general the power of photography really can’t be disputed. Even more so when it comes to business. With attention spans dwindling, it’s now more important than ever to capture your audience’s attention – a business website with an abundance of rich high-quality images is certainly one way of doing it. 

Great commercial photography is what every business needs to boost their brand. Don’t believe us? Here’s an example:

Think of Burger King’s Whopper burger, what are you envisioning? Is it the product image or the reality? We’re envisioning the most beautiful burger we’ve ever seen, crisp lettuce seductively draped over a big juicy patty, with ketchup drizzling down its sides, a mere slither of pickle poking out and a perfectly plump bun with a scattering of seeds crowned upon its head. We aren’t thinking of the reality of the product, we’re set on that carefully curated image. The burger is seldom as seen on billboards or tv ads, yet we repeatedly go back with that picture at the forefront of our mind. High-quality commercial photography is utilised by companies like Burger King to keep customers coming back time and time again. 

Commercial photography is the portrayal of a product or service in all of its glory, with all the elements that will appeal to the consumer on show. Regardless of whether it’s a burger, clothing line or 17th century hotel – commercial photography works for every business. 

For any business the digital landscape is a noisy one, you’re competing with many similar businesses – sometimes in quite a small locality. Communicating visually with your clients is a clever way of setting yourself apart from the competition. You can showcase your products or services and take potential customers on a journey, a brand journey. High-quality images are one of the best ways to illustrate what your brand is all about. 

Brand Perception – Why It’s Important

You know why your brand is special and we imagine you’ve spent a long time differentiating yourself from your rivals. Your brand perception should reflect this and commercial photography can make it happen. 

The tone of your brand should echo throughout all of your business assets – your website, the photography, the font, and every other element your audience will encounter. These elements set the tone for what the customer can expect from your business. We can assure you that sloppy imagery doesn’t set that tone and will reflect badly on the perception of your business. When your brand becomes recognisable and is instantly linked to exceptional quality – it’s time to celebrate! Your brand has made it, it’s now established. 

How We Build Brand Value

The quality of the imagery you use speaks volumes about your brand. After all, you wouldn’t shoot product or service images on a phone. When your customer views your products or services they expect to see high-quality shots clearly communicating what your business offers. You won’t find grainy shots at Geek Unique, only the best will do. Our professionally lit and dynamic shots captured using the best cameras will communicate the value of your brand to your audience. They will convey to your customer not just your brand but the level of value you offer. 

Stay Away From Stock Photography

When you opt for stock photography you’re sacrificing your authenticity as a brand. Let’s not forget that stock photography has been around for a long time and most of us can spot a stock image a mile off. There are millions of stock images available online, if you can access them – imagine how many other businesses are doing the same thing. The advantage of using commercial photography services is that it’s completely unique, it features your brand, your business, your products and your staff. It provides your customers with a much more realistic version of what they can expect. People buy people – authenticity sells. 

The Types of Commercial Photography We Cover

There are many forms of photography that fall under the commercial title. We offer a broad range of photography services. We provide product photography, advertising photography, lifestyle photography, photography for product packaging, photos for brochures, imagery for social media, and much more. Basically we offer most forms of photography and regardless of the market you’re in – we’ll have something to help you convey your brand better. 

Commercial Photography For Multiple Channels

The shots we capture on a shoot aren’t just fit for one time use. You can utilise these images on social media, digital marketing campaigns and even traditional marketing methods like brochures. To be a successful online business – you need fresh content, inactive social channels don’t retain followers. Once we’ve captured and edited your shots, they are yours to use as you please – we can even provide you with a few pointers along the way. 

Our Leading Commercial Photography Team

Every photography project we take on is unique, we work alongside our clients to establish how they want their brand conveyed and we then curate images to meet this spec. From food photography to location shots, our commercial photography campaigns vary but there is one similarity – we take the time to understand your brand and this is reflected in our work. Our engaging and inspiring shots will encourage your audience to take the necessary action, whether it’s to buy, book or enquire.  

At Geek Unique we have a dedicated team of commercial photography maestros, with years and years of experience they provide first class photography services to a broad spectrum of businesses from advertising agencies to historic hotels. If you’re looking for commercial photography to add value to your brand – you won’t be disappointed with our team of photography professionals. 

Commercial Photography In Southampton and The UK

Our premium commercial photography services cover Southampton and the rest of the UK. With a vast range of photography styles and a satellite team we can manage every aspect of the shoot for you, and truly bring your products or services to life. 

If you’re searching for a reputable commercial photography company to shoot your products or if you are looking to promote the services you offer, our experienced team can help. 

From the very first point of contact, we will collaborate with you to develop a brief that reflects the true essence of your business and brand. Engage with your audience using captivating and striking high-quality images from the experts at Geek Unique, with a commercial photography package tailored completely to your requirements. 

To learn more about how our unparalleled photography services can benefit your business – speak to our experts today.