Services to make you stand out.

We provide a whole host of exciting digital services. We can build a bespoke website from scratch or improve an established site. The fun doesn’t stop there – we can optimise your website to improve traffic, streamline your marketing activities, develop an all encompassing online strategy to achieve your business goals and much more. Our expertise covers a broad range of online solutions and we can work with you to tailor a package to suit your business and brand.

Website & Mobile Build

We’ve been building websites for over 20 years. Using WordPress, Shopify and Lavarel Framework. Many of our sites include our own plugins and integrations.


We can evaluate your commercial strategy and deliver a digital strategy to compliment. Building SEO, PPC around a campaign.

Product Design & UI

Product design and UI design concentrates on the look, feel and interactivity of the website. Our team of specialists will work with you to achieve a seamless website that’s not only functional but engaging.

Content & Copywriting

At Geek Unique we are passionate about curating first-class content. Our copywriters have boundless knowledge and experience in developing engaging and informative content across a plethora of industries.


Often a forgotten element in digital is building and demonstrating growth. We build live dashboards to enable commercial and marketing teams to analyse data clearly.

Marketing Automation

In an age where engagement happens 24/7 we build automation workflow across email, chatbots, web and mobile channels.

Website Animation

Our expert team of UX and UI designers will work alongside you to develop a website that not only provides an enjoyable experience for your users but more importantly a seamless one, ensuring they’ll come back time and time again.


A picture speaks a thousand words – capturing and conveying your brand through the medium of photography is a must when it comes to engaging your audience.


Our expertise in both SEO & PPC enables us to help the businesses we work with to increase their online traffic and improve their rankings for relevant search terms.