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If like many, you find SEO completely bewildering, it's worth boiling it down to one simple question. How can I use it to get more leads and sales?

There are a plethora of companies offering SEO, training courses, stacks of data, analytics and jargon, it’s almost impossible to navigate such a crowded industry.

The truth is Google now uses over 200+ signals to rank your website compared to your competitors. Knowing which path will provide you with the fastest return on investment is not always clear.

In all honesty you won’t be able to rank for all 200 factors immediately. It’s just not possible and would cost you way too much money. The best advice I can give you, is to focus on what’s realistically possible, get some immediate results and then re-invest.

How much will SEO cost?

I’ve been involved with SEO for over 15 years, I’ve worked on everything from start-ups to multi-national/multi-currency projects. I’ve increased traffic by over 147% in highly competitive markets such as recruitment and finance.

SEO is a monthly on-going requirement which involves consistent work and investment to climb the keyword rankings. So how much is this all going to cost? Well, if it’s done correctly then SEO should start paying for itself relatively quickly. The secret is to understand that it is an on-going investment, if your SEO is executed well, the results for your business will be priceless, which is why your SEO should be about the sales, leads and returns not just rankings, start here…

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What’s going to happen Next

After your domain has been evaluated, myself or someone in my team will give you a ring to discuss your results and provide you with our no-obligation recommendations on how to grow your traffic.

Included in this will be:

  • A full traffic & keywords plan which WILL WORK
  • Expected timeframes
  • The most exciting part, the volume of new business this will generate for you!

If you’d like to give us a ring or get in touch please call 0203 375 6927