Will PPC Work For Me?

For most folks PPC is shrouded in mystery. Clients often ask us; what is PPC and will it work for me? This depends entirely on two factors. First and foremost – your budget. Secondly, the desired outcome – what do you want to achieve? 

When it comes to advertising, digital marketing and website optimisation, you need to have clear goals and objectives. There’s no point in throwing money at something without a strategy. If you want to unlock the benefits of PPC for your business, first you need to understand how it works. 

PPC – What’s it all about?

PPC is an acronym, it stands for Pay Per Click. It’s a method of online advertising. When you ask a search engine like Google a question, you may have seen a carousel of ads at the top of the page. This carousel contains pay per click ads. They are utilised by businesses to reach a specific demographic or anyone searching for a specific product and or service. When it comes to creating a PPC ad – you can be super specific when choosing your customer demographic and ultimately it allows you to build a pretty solid campaign. Many online businesses utilise PPC because it enables them to reach a wider audience, generate more traffic, increase sales and boost enquiries – at the touch of a button. But let’s not forget about your competition…

What Are The Chances My PPC Ad Will Be Seen?

Well that depends entirely on the relevance of your ad to the user. When a search is made online, a high-speed ad auction happens. There are several elements that are considered before it goes live. First up, the eligibility of the ad – is it ready to go to auction? Next it works on configuring the placement of the ad. Then it comes down to the cost per click for the advertisers. Another metric which is thrown into the mix – the quality score. This encompasses important factors such as the relevance of the ad – does it match the search query, the anticipated click-through rate of the ad, and the page quality/user experience that the ad is directing the traffic to. A lot happens behind the scenes, at lightning speed too. If you can tick all the boxes, there’s no reason why your PPC ads shouldn’t be successful. 

But what clicks are you paying for exactly? 

This is one of the most popular questions pertaining to PPC that we receive. In a nutshell – everytime someone clicks on your PPC ad you will pay a fee. But don’t panic – you can set up a maximum cost per click (CPC). This will control the amount you spend for each click made. This isn’t the sum you will pay everytime someone clicks on your ad but the maximum amount you are willing to pay. Your ad placement is decided using a simple formula: Quality Score x Maximum CPC. The more clicks you receive the more you pay for, which is why it’s imperative you have a strong strategy in place and a realistic CPC. 

How can my business benefit from PPC advertising?

Well, think about it in these terms – how do most people ask questions nowadays? Online. Search engines have completely transformed the way we seek information, it’s easier, faster and more reliable. PPC enables you to benefit from an active online audience. If you’re looking to push more traffic towards your website or sell more products – this is the fastest way to do it. Furthermore, there are a broad variety of ad formats to choose from such as Shopping Ads, Gmail Ads, Video Ads, Display Ads and much more.  

It’s pretty easy to set up a PPC account, but there are some really important factors and data ranges to consider. If you’re new to the world of online advertising, it can be quite daunting. That’s where we come in – we can get you set up, help you with any PPC queries or simply explain the process in more detail. When it comes to online assistance, we’re with you every step of the way.

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