At Geek Unique we’re no strangers to trialling and testing different approaches. We work with our clients to find the best possible solution in a timeframe that fits their requirements and their budget. A great example of this is Tablero. The Tablero project was completely unique, why? It’s been built back to front in terms of development, and it’s completely SEO led. 


When the team at Tablero approached us they had a basic website in place, heaps of content and around 60 keywords they wanted to focus on. They were looking to develop an e-commerce website that was aesthetically pleasing, offered a bespoke calculation feature and optimised  to scoop up some seriously impressive keyword volumes. As the leading SEO agency in Hampshire, this was right up our street. 

Now with SEO it’s not the quantity of keywords you have, it’s the quality. When you have too many keywords in place, it can be really hard to rank well. We assessed the most valuable and achievable keywords with Tablero and honed in on the key search terms that would be most beneficial to them as an online business. 

Now you may be wondering why did you start with SEO? Well, Tablero already had tonnes of high-quality content and we analysed this content and the traffic volumes it was achieving to configure the sitemap. By doing this we had a greater understanding of their key audiences wants and needs, it allowed us to develop a custom website completely tailored to their audience. Typically when we develop a website, the SEO element comes in much later but with Tablero we already had the traffic, we simply needed to build a high-performance e-commerce website around it, develop some custom wordpress plug-ins  and boost the content already in place. 

The results – a completely bespoke website with state-of-the-art functionality that allows users to input custom dimensions which are configured and priced using a bespoke calculation feature. Furthermore, the website which hasn’t officially launched yet, is pulling in volumes upwards of 2,700 visitors per month – simply through its blog content. Once the website is fully launched, we expect the monthly traffic to grow exponentially. The back to front build with Tablero, has been a somewhat unusual approach. But, the results so far have been truly astonishing and we’re looking forward to monitoring the performance over the next few months. We’ve recently trialled this method with an up and coming outdoor playhouse supplier – Dinky Dwellings. Watch this space!