What’s one of the most popular services we offer here at Geek Unique? Website Support. We aren’t ones to blow our own trumpet, but this is definitely worthy of a little toot. 

When most people think of website support, they envision a painfully long-winded ticketing system with a considerable amount of back and forth, lots of confusing jargon, phone calls which result in being transferred to every department and the pleasure of a hefty bill at the end of it. Not only is this really frustrating for businesses, it’s counterproductive too. 

In our humble opinion website support should be accessible, quick and helpful for everyone. 

Which is why our support method is straightforward, speedy and second to none – resulting in your website being back up and running on its digital feet in no time at all.

Why is our website support service so revolutionary? 

First and foremost, you don’t have to be an existing client with us – we can help anyone. We aren’t going to leave you in the lurch because you’re not on our books, that’s not how we roll here at Geek Unique. 

Perhaps you’re wondering how website support works when you’re not already a client with us, buckle up this is the best bit. We offer a pay as you go service, meaning you only pay for the actual website support you receive. Genius right? You will only pay for what you need which doesn’t include being sat in a queue for 3hours. Furthermore, we have decades of experience so if your website error transpires to be something quite common which is  a simple fix for us – that’s precisely what you’ll pay for. 

Of course this works both ways, if your website fix is a really big job – we’ll be completely transparent with you and explain every step that needs to be carried out and the costs involved. We pride ourselves on our honest pricing strategy, sure – it sets us apart from the rest but more importantly it allows us to have great relationships with our clients which is reflected in our retention rate. 

We’re established WordPress website developers too – which means if you have an existing WordPress website and something has gone awry and you need some support, we can step in and figure it out for you. 

Our website support service encompasses all manner of website issues, like fixing bugs, eliminating viruses, updating plug-ins and helping those who’ve been hacked secure their websites. 

What’s more, we won’t send you from pillar to post to resolve your website issues. We understand that online businesses need action when these problems occur and no one has the time in their day to be sat in a queue for 3 hours. Especially, when more often than not, it’s a relatively quick fix. 

Our satellite team of website build and support specialists are on standby to help with a broad spectrum of queries, concerns and website errors. Whether you’re an existing client or you’ve just stumbled upon us online – we can help you.